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2016’s Best: Domino Wows with Minimal Brand Packaging

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2016’s Best: Domino Wows with Minimal Brand Packaging

For some, Domino is their go-to pizza place. For others, Domino is simply another pizza stop. No matter what your opinion is of Domino, you must admit their new minimal brand packaging is clever.


In the UK, Domino redesigned its pizza delivery boxes into bold dominos that reflect their signature colours. Capitalizing on the fact that Domino’s pizzas are ordered in pairs 96% of the time, Domino’s has made it fun to order more than one. As the brand states, “don’t order a pizza, order Domino’s”. This new brand packaging has resulted in worldwide recognition including the 2016 Pentawards.

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12 months ago
really interesting. Thanks for sharing!