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5 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Video Marketing Strategy

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5 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Video Marketing Strategy

Statistics predict that in 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video


This has lead to 93% of marketers to use video as a means of branding. It is not without reason though, as videos are an excellent medium for communicating ideas. Audiences are more inclined to watch a 2 minute video demonstrating how to properly care for a Pomeranian, than to read through a wordy article explaining the same thing. Often overlooked, at the core of any good video is a good story. Here, we’ll look at what makes a good story, and good video marketing.


The 10 Second Rule

Within the first 10 seconds of a video, users can discern whether it’s worth their attention. The video needs to connect with viewers right away if you want them to stick around for the whole thing. If the video can evoke some sort of emotional response in the first 10 seconds, it will be better received than something that doesn’t.


The content of the video could be boring, but if it is packaged in a colourful and humorous way, people are much more willing to engage with it. The goal for a strong story lies in its ability to engage an audience emotionally. If you can make the viewer feel something by the end of the video, you’ve told a successful story.


Stories And Original  Stories

Scrolling through news feeds, people connect more if stories connect with them. Your users want to see something new, and it’s up to you to give that to them. Be thoughtful in what you want to show your users. As Universal McCann’s Global Chief Content Officer Scott Donaton notes:

“The empowered consumer will bypass or ignore communications that aren’t relevant and don’t add value to their lives”

Content that can entertain, educate or serve your users in some way will always fare better than content without substance.


To Trend or Not to Trend

93% of marketers are aware of the growing video marketing trend and recognize the need to develop video content. With this huge shift towards video, there is a lot of good content being created, but also a lot of bad content. That’s just the nature of trends. In business, music or the arts, if a lot of people see something popular, they will try to imitate the formula in the hopes of receiving the same results. It can be fruitful but it can also be apparent if it was trying too hard.


Engage the Engaged

Once you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to track the responses. One huge benefit of video is that you can track where it was viewed and how long it was watched for. And while there is an in depth graphical analysis, you can’t rely solely on the graphs and numbers. The best way to gauge your videos is to engage with your audience directly. Once you have created the video, share it with close friends and ask for their opinions. They may point out things you missed, and can give you feedback on what you could improve on. Polishing a product before it reaches the masses can grant better reactions than one that comes right from the cutting floor.


Sharing Is Caring

Good video marketing can engage your user, but truly effective video marketing will make your users want to share it. It is one thing to make the content interesting, but the big challenge is to make it sharable. Getting the view of one user isn’t as rewarding as getting the video shared to more users. It almost seems like a secret formula that many companies strive to achieve. It is hard to be a viral success, but setting out to be viral just to for the sake of being viral has lead many companies down the wrong path.


Take the time to strategize how your brand can approach making strong video content. Consider promoting and reward users that share the video in some way. Users who share the video can be eligible for giveaways or benefits with your company. It’s a small but effective way to create the incentive for users to share your videos.


Tell Your Story

  1. The 10 Second Rule – aim to make captivating content to account for our short attention spans
  2. Stories And Original Stories– focus on making content that evokes an emotional response
  3. To Trend Or Not To Trend – some trends are good but don’t let it dictate your style
  4. Engage the Engaged – speak with people who can give you constructive feedback
  5. Sharing Is Caring – reasonable incentives can help share videos, just don’t promise everybody a free car

To successfully reach your audiences with your videos, your brand needs to engage its users and create emotional responses. Every time you post content and engage your audience, think of the interaction on social networks as a form of storytelling. This shift is vital to staying fresh and keeping your audiences interested in your brand.