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Betterwith is Canada’s Most Beautiful Ice Cream

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When you think of luxury ice cream what comes to mind? Haagen Dazs? Magnum? A new player has come to town and she is gorgeous! Betterwith is a new Canadian ice cream brand that calls itself the 100% honest ice cream. With a focus on transparency, Betterwith ice cream is made with traceable cream and real ingredients – no artificial flavouring or preservatives.

Packaging is key when entering a mature market and Betterwith’s is definitely unmistakeable. In a signature blue-green (that reminds us of Tiffany & Co.) with gold accents, it is meant to “colour block” and stand out in the freezer space when stacked together. Each tub of ice cream minimally reveals one of their 6 flavours. It is also quite Insta-worthy, as demonstrated by their Instagram.

Want to get your hands on Betterwith? It is currently it is only available at select grocers in Western Canada. However, if you’re interested in selling Betterwith, simply fill out a retailer form here. We can’t wait till it gets to Toronto!

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4 years ago
Love ice cream, their packaging is super nice!