At Imprint, we are dedicated to helping our clients leave a lasting impression with their brands. That being said, it’s probably not surprising that we have a strong appreciation for all things creative and are always looking to see what resonates with others! That’s why we are asking you to share with us, whether it’s commercials, billboards, packaging; we want to know what’s left you with a lasting impression.

Compelling Marketing

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  I remember first seeing this ad on my FB feed and not being able to look away. It was a simple but very effective and compelling form of marketing that left me thinking and contemplating things for a long time afterwards. 
compelling marketing
Emphasizing where we all really come from, what it means for us as a human race and how we really are all connected, should definitely be shared. 
We are living in a day and age where we are connected online more than ever but what does it really mean for the human condition? 
Great ad. 
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4 years ago
I saw this! really cool concept and contest. it would be so great to experience something like the world and such