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Creative Agency Imprint Marketing Group Has a New Look

Creative Agency Imprint Marketing Group Has a New Look

The Imprint Marketing Group blog is back!


With the new year underway, we are pleased to announce the successful crossing-off of one of our biggest resolutions to date.


At Imprint, we recently looked inwards and spent the end of 2017 embracing the need for a bit of self-care. We gave ourselves a complete virtual makeover, and even moved offices. #NewYearNewImprint But mainly, we treated ourselves to a bit of the hard work we usually reserve for our clients. We reflected on our creative agency's brand, our process, and our overarching philosophy. What did we find? That partnering with brands to create meaningful and lasting impressions is what we are meant to do. We believe that every person and every business makes an impression, so it’s good to have someone in your corner to make sure you leave the best one possible.


On paper, Imprint is a full-service, design-oriented creative agency. We take care of our clients of any size, ranging from small projects to the full scope of marketing. Practically speaking, we are so much more than that. We aim to create work that is timeless in quality and functions across multiple media platforms. We recognize that as a firm we must remain dynamic, as innovation is constant in today’s increasingly digital landscape – but that is precisely what makes our field of work so fascinating.


With this IMG Blog, you will get to know us even better. We’ll be talking about all kinds of topics, from business and advertising to technology, design, and other relevant news. We’ll shine a light on what we think is cool, disruptive, trending, or inspiring and how it has influenced us. But for this to work it can’t be a one-sided affair, we want to know what you think too! We might not always agree, but we encourage respectful and open discussion. What we’re not going to do? Pump out content just for the sake of it. (I think everyone can agree we’re all experiencing some form of content overdose.) We’re here to take a look at what’s happening around the world, and interpret it through our unique perspective—as marketers, artists, entrepreneurs, and writers.


So yes, Imprint’s site looks different. And we feel a little different, too. It’s full-steam ahead, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!